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In the last poll, I asked: Should iMessage be allowed on other phones?

Here are some of my favorite replies:

Yes - “Yes. iMessage should be available on Android to enhance cross-platform communication, foster inclusivity, and potentially increase Apple’s user base by introducing its services to a wider audience. Apple Music is available on Android for example 🤷‍♂️”

No - “A government agency should never be allowed to force a business to alter how their product works, unless it’s a safety concern, especially if it means they have to hand over something they made to their competitor. There is no reason why iMessage should be on a non-Apple product. Most people outside the U.S. would never install it anyway. Let’s not forget that this would also mean forcing Apple to pay people to program the app for Android, tell me that doesn’t sound messed up.”

This week: Do you wear an Apple Watch daily? Why or why not?

Do you wear an Apple Watch daily?

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⌚️ The Abrupt Apple Watch Ban

What a sight.

  • On Monday, Apple abruptly announced that they would soon halt sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. First, from the online store, and then from physical store shelves on December 24th.

  • This was done in response to an import ban handed down by the US International Trade Commission, which ruled in October that Apple infringed on patents for pulse oximetry technology made by medical device company Masimo.

  • The Biden administration has until December 25th to veto the ITC’s ban. If nothing happens, expect Apple to file an appeal the next day.

  • Apple is working on a software update to potentially disable the blood oxygen sensor, but Masimo believes this cannot be solved via software since it is a hardware infringement.

  • As for the financial implications of the Apple Watch sales ban, here’s a great breakdown.

🥽 Apple Vision Pro in February

  • According to Mark Gurman, “Apple Vision Pro manufacturing has reached an advanced stage with a launch planned by February.“

  • “The rollout will be Apple’s most complex product launch yet, requiring entirely new sales strategies and equipment. The headset has customized components that need to be assembled and boxed up at the point of sale. It’s also a delicate process. If the Vision Pro isn’t fitted to a user’s head correctly, the device won’t show content properly and may feel extra heavy.”

  • Don’t expect another Apple Event in 2024 for the Vision Pro. It will likely just launch on the website with additional details, according to Gurman.

🚘 Next-Generation CarPlay

  • Aston Martin and Porsche announced that they’ll be the first vehicles to support Apple's next-generation CarPlay experience, coming in 2024

  • With next-gen CarPlay, driving-specific data will be provided in the same interface. Think speedometer, tire pressure, etc.

  • Aston Martin said that Apple's next-gen setup is compatible with its latest infotainment system that launches in 2024 in vehicles such as the DB12. Porsche has not revealed a release date or model list yet.

  • Expect this infotainment upgrade to arrive in other mid-range to high-end cars later next year.

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