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📊 Poll

Last week, I asked: Do you want ChatGPT built directly into the iPhone?

Here are some of my favorite replies:

Yes - “This would be so much more convenient. Siri would be smarter and I wouldn’t have to go into the ChatGPT app every time I want to look something up. But I do think this would make Apple very overpowered in the AI world. This would make almost every AI business fall off. For the convenience, I love this idea. For the state of all big and small AI companies, this is something to be concerned about.”

No - “I would not want this. ChatGPT has had problems with security lately and I would not want that on my iPhone. Of course, Apple would probably fix these things, but still... It would be cool to have a SMART Siri, but I think that adding ChatGPT to the iPhone wouldn't be the best way to go about it. We've been hearing so much about Apple making their own model, and now we're hearing that they are just going to use ChatGPT, that just doesn't seem right. ChatGPT is definitely an advanced AI model, but I don't know, I would kind of like to see Apple come in with their own model and show OpenAI who's boss.”

This week: Will WWDC ‘24 live up to the hype? Why or why not?

Will WWDC24 live up to the hype?

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🗞️ The Latest

😬 Apple’s Big Moment

All eyes will be on Apple on Monday for WWDC 2024. This event will give us a glimpse into the future of Apple’s software and what AI features they’ve been building for the past several years. Here’s the latest:

  • Gurman says not to expect any new hardware at the event, despite previously saying that a new Apple TV was set to launch in the first half of 2024.

  • A new Passwords app is expected in iOS 18 to provide a simpler way to access stored login information. Basically an alternative to 1Password and LastPass.

  • We are finally expected to see a change to the Control Center this year! It’ll possibly have a new music widget, improvements to how it operates smart home appliances, and a customizable drag-and-drop system.

  • iOS 18 is set to change the look of the Settings app on both iOS and macOS, along with a “much improved” search.

  • Apple will also allegedly add a new text effects feature that will allow you to animate individual words within a message.

  • iOS 18’s advanced AI features are likely going to be an opt-in service, so it won’t be forced on you.

AI Features Will Be Key

  • Bloomberg has now confirmed that the Apple x OpenAI deal is complete, though neither company has made an announcement yet. Maybe we’ll see this at WWDC?

  • This leads me to believe that ChatGPT will play an integral role in Apple’s future software plans, starting with iOS 18.

Though Apple remains in talks with Google about using Gemini in its devices, the iPhone maker reached an agreement with OpenAI first. In the end, Apple may offer a number of third-party chatbots, but it’s negotiating the deals on a case-by-case basis.

Apple picked OpenAI as its inaugural AI partner for a few reasons. It got better business terms than Google was offering, and Apple believes that OpenAI’s technology is the best available on the market. Integrating Google AI into the iPhone also might have given the impression that Apple’s biggest technology rival had beat it in a vital new area.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg
  • In addition to the Siri enhancements we discussed last week, the Mail app is also expected to get new AI features with iOS 18, such as auto-categorization of emails based on the text contained within them, improved search, and Smart Replies that use AI to create replies on the fly.

  • Since most software features do not get leaked, expect dozens of additional features that haven’t yet been rumored.

🫣 Spotify > Apple Music?

Spotify is once again raising the price of Spotify Premium in the United States - the second time in the past year. It’s now more expensive than Apple Music!

  • Spotify’s “Premium Individual” plan is now $11.99/mo, compared to $10.99/mo for Apple Music.

  • The Family Plan also increased to $19.99/mo, compared to Apple Music’s $16.99/mo.

  • Spotify Premium does include 15 hours of Audiobook listening per month, which Apple Music doesn’t offer.

  • However, Spotify still does not support lossless audio or Spatial Audio like Apple Music does. And when they do arrive, it’ll likely cost you even more.

Do you prefer Apple Music or Spotify? Vote below!

Apple Music or Spotify?

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📲 Apple Promises 5+ Years of iPhone Security Updates

For the first time, we have confirmation on how long Apple plans to support iPhones via security software updates.

  • Thanks to a new legal requirement in the UK, Apple has revealed its commitment to a minimum of 5 years of iPhone software updates from the date a device is released.

  • Samsung & Google currently guarantee a minimum of 7 years of security updates for their respective flagship devices.

  • However, Apple recently released a security update for the iPhone 6s, which launched 9 years ago! So they typically underpromise and overdeliver.

To Apple’s credit, though, it has long provided more than five years of security updates for its various iPhone devices. Some iPhones have received security updates six or more years after the initial release, which is far more support than the vast majority of Android devices receive.

So, while Samsung and Google currently beat Apple in terms of how long they’re guaranteeing software support, that doesn’t mean iPhone users can’t keep their phones for just as long, if not longer.

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