Apple's ‘Groundbreaking’ Upgrade

iMessage wins.

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Here’s what’s new with Apple.

  • Apple revealed a groundbreaking upgrade to iMessage

  • New Apple Ring speculation

  • Apple’s brand new app

  • iPhone batteries are outlasting expectations

  • & more

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📊 Poll

In the last poll, I asked: How many Apple products do you use weekly?

Here are some of my favorite replies:

2-4 - “As a fully blind visually impaired user, I use an iPhone daily for entertainment and for assistive apps like seeing AI for OCR, and BlindSquare for navigation. AirPods Pro 2 are great with the transparency mode to be aware of my surrounding and listen to VoiceOver, especially in school where I use my MacBook to take notes.”

5+ - “One of the reasons I enjoy using Apple products is how seamlessly they integrate with one another. At work and at home, I use my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro for online meetings or music. In the evenings, I watch programs on an Apple TV. The Apple ecosystem makes everything work together like a breeze.”

1 - “Just switched to Apple and using the iPhone 13. So far loving it a lot more over my old Android.”

This week: Would you wear a fitness ring? If not, what would entice you to wear one? More on this later.

Would you ever wear a fitness ring?

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🗞️ The Latest

🔓 iMessage is Evolving

Apple just recently announced a new "groundbreaking" post-quantum cryptographic protocol for iMessage.

Today we are announcing the most significant cryptographic security upgrade in iMessage history with the introduction of PQ3, a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol that advances the state of the art of end-to-end secure messaging.

To our knowledge, PQ3 has the strongest security properties of any at-scale messaging protocol in the world.


Yeah, I had no idea what that meant. So here’s what I learned:

  • Apple is making iMessage more secure for the future, with a new backend security update called PQ3.

  • PQ3 is designed to protect against both current and future quantum computer threats, ensuring that all communication is shielded from the bad guys (that don’t even exist yet)

  • Signal, another secure messaging service, previously added support for the PQXDH protocol.

    • But that was, what Apple calls, level 2 (referenced in the image below). Apple’s implementation is level 3.


This is how Apple achieved Level 3:

We then include — within conversations — a periodic post-quantum rekeying mechanism that has the ability to self-heal from key compromise and protect future messages.

In PQ3, the new keys sent along with the conversation are used to create fresh message encryption keys that can’t be computed from past ones, thereby bringing the conversation back to a secure state even if previous keys were extracted or compromised by an adversary.

PQ3 is the first large scale cryptographic messaging protocol to introduce this novel post-quantum rekeying property.

ELI5 (explain like I’m 5):

  • Think of this rekeying mechanism like a secret code that changes regularly to keep your messages safe.

  • If a bad guy ever figures out your old code, PQ3 will create a new code that the bad guy can't guess from the old one.

  • This way, even if someone sneaks a peek at your messages once, they can't keep doing it.

  • It's like having a self-fixing lock on your messages. And Apple is the first to come up with this mechanism.

This will be available to everyone soon via software update, but it is already included in the latest iOS 17.4 Beta!

This is an amazing addition to the (already secure) iMessage service.

This will continue to be the messaging platform of choice for government officials & other high-profile individuals due to the best-in-class security/encryption.

Let’s also not forget: Apple will soon be implementing RCS.


Some users were planning to switch to Android once RCS rolled out, since they’d be able to message their iPhone friends without limitations.

But now, with this new security protocol, some might choose to stay with the iMessage platform for the added layer of security.

Nice move, Apple!

💍 The ‘iRing’

  • An ‘Apple Ring’ is not a new rumor. We’ve been hearing about it for over a decade.

  • But a new report from Electronic Times sheds light on the possibility thanks to Samsung’s plans to release one soon.

Samsung Electronics is scheduled to unveil the Galaxy Ring at the unpacked event in the second half of July.

It is expected to track and measure health and sleep-related information by being equipped with blood flow measurement and electrocardiogram functions, or support remote control of other devices, wireless payment, etc.


Apple is also speeding up the development of Apple Ring by registering patents related to smart rings one after another.

In November of last year, it filed a patent for an electronic system applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

It is a technology that can install a near-field wireless communication circuit and work with other devices. It is estimated that it will be used to control smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Apple is not in a hurry to release a fitness ring just because Samsung did. They have never operated that way.

  • Oura Ring dominates this market right now, so I’d imagine both Samsung and Apple will take what they did well and then improve upon it. Without a subscription fee.

  • If Apple does release a ring, it would have to differentiate enough from the Apple Watch - something I see as a challenge. Form-factor alone isn’t enough imo.

  • The above report is based on speculation, so take everything with a grain of salt.

🔋 iPhone Batteries Outperform

iOS 17.4

  • iOS 17.4 Beta 4 added a new change to the Battery Health settings for the iPhone 15 series

  • Also included was a sentence that read “The original battery was designed to retain 80% capacity at 1000 cycles under ideal conditions.”

  • Apple has always claimed 80% capacity after 500 cycles. That number has now doubled!

  • According to 9to5Mac, the improvement is due to Apple making continued updates to battery components and power management systems over the years.

⚾️ Apple’s New App

Apple Sports

  • On Wednesday, Apple released a new application called Apple Sports.

  • The app gives you real-time scores & stats, live betting odds, customizable scoreboards, and more.

  • The UI/design is simple, fast, and intuitive.

    • No news articles, ads, or tab bars obstructing your view.

  • Tap to watch live games via Apple TV.

  • Additional leagues will become available on Apple Sports over time, including MLB, NFL, NCAAF, NWSL, and WNBA for their upcoming seasons.

  • It’s available in the US, UK, and Canada (for now).

This app is already awesome. And I’m sure it will gain widgets, live activities, and additional features over time.

🚗 New CarPlay Feature

In the latest iOS 17.4 Beta 4, Apple added a new CarPlay feature that is going to come in handy:

  • There's a new Apple Maps option to show upcoming turns, lane guidance, and maneuvers in the instrument cluster.

  • This feature is available for vehicles that support the dual-screen Apple Maps CarPlay experience.

    • BMW, Volvo, and Polestar are among the first to support it.

  • This feature is separate from Apple’s next-generation ‌CarPlay‌ experience, which is coming later this year.

  • Instagram user roverhaul shared a video of this feature in action (thanks for the tag!).

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