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this is the new flex.

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Well, Apple Vision Pro has taken over. We discuss that, a foldable iPhone underway, new software updates, and more.

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📊 Poll

In the last poll, I asked: Do you think iOS needs a full redesign?

Here are some of my favorite replies:

No - “It might need small adjustments in some areas, but this has always been happening over time. If you go back and watch the iOS 7 keynote, the software onstage has very little in common with iOS 17 other than a similar color scheme and the general layout of content. Flat design has always been evolving and it's not going anywhere until we primarily use our AR devices instead of our phones and laptops.”

Yes - “It looks pretty good, but after seeing the Vision Pro design language, and especially using the Arc Search app, the animations and design are so beautiful and fluid that it feels more like a part of iOS than most actual Apple apps.”

This week: Have your thoughts on Vision Pro changed after this week? Why or why not?

Have your thoughts on Vision Pro changed?

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🗣️ Apple Vision Pro Invasion

This meme has a whole new meaning now

This week did not go as expected..

Most analysts said the Apple Vision Pro would flop, that it would be “too niche,” and that it would only be seen in YouTube reviews and not IRL.


This week, you simply could not escape the viral Apple Vision Pro videos that flooded social media. But if you did, here are some, along with some thoughts.

86 Million views!!

Don’t be that guy

1.6M views on day 1

  • All of these viral videos + celebrities posting about it = free press

  • I predicted it last year at WWDC and I feel even stronger about it now: the Apple Vision Pro will sell more units than any analyst predicted. Apple’s best marketing tool is its users, notably influencers.

  • The hefty price tag is not going to stop people from buying, didn’t we learn from the AirPods? The iPhone X?

    • Remember when everyone said those were too expensive when they were first released?

    • High price tag = assumed luxury = status symbol

  • One thing I’m curious about is: What will the return rate look like?

    • Apple does not publicly disclose that info, but I will be asking multiple employees at my local Apple Store when I go to return my 256GB model (I’m keeping the 512).

The new way to flex in public?

Apple Fans are Divided

Something else that I’ve realized over the past week, is how divided Apple fans are. I don’t think I’ve seen this type of division from Apple fans since the first AirPods came out. When people called them stupid-looking and too expensive.

And I have to wonder: is this just a repeat of the AirPods? The iPhone X?

We can go all the way back to Apple’s origins. They always get criticized for being pricier than the competition and getting rid of components that most people love (ie: headphone jack, home button).

I understand that the Apple Vision Pro is significantly more expensive & also less desirable than the aforementioned products, but the point remains.

While I do think the Vision Pro is expensive, it’s also the only product like it on the market. And to compare it to the Meta Quest 3 is laughable. Totally different products, and totally different use cases. But we’ll save that for another day.

🖥️ Working with Vision Pro

I just dropped a new video (early access for you guys) on what it’s like to work with the Vision Pro. Check out it out above!

Also, on X, I asked if you had any questions. Here are some of those answers, plus some additional thoughts:

My new favorite trio

  • How comfortable is the Vision headset really, and did it eventually just feel like what you were seeing in the headset was your surroundings instead of feeling like you’re in a simulation?

    • Very comfy. Used this combo every day this week for 5-7 hours straight for work. No fatigue as long as I use the dual-loop band and have good posture.

    • And yes, I sometimes perceive real-life objects as if they were floating in visionOS. It’s a very strange feeling that happens subconsciously

  • Would you use this over MacBook + AirPods willingly?

    • Depends on the situation. If I’m at home and need to be locked in/focused, AVP all the way.

    • If traveling/need to be aware of my surroundings, I’d prob still lean towards the MacBook. Passthrough is fine, but I prefer no headset when in a coffee shop, airport, etc

  • Multiple monitor Mac better or worse than Vision Pro multi-window for working daily?

    • I answer this question in-depth in my video above, but basically, it depends on how many macOS-specific apps you use at the same time in your typical workflow since you can run visionOS apps alongside the virtual Mac display.

  • Are the AirPods Max too heavy to wear at the same time as the headset?

    • Not heavy, but not a perfect fit because of the wire. So ANC isn’t as good, but still better than AirPods Pro

  • Being limited to 1 display when mirroring your Mac sucks, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

  • Mac Virtual Display eats up memory, so sometimes the device would reboot if I opened 12-13 windows.

  • I don’t sweat with the Vision Pro on, even after a 6-7 hour session. Also no headaches.

📲 Foldables & Non-Vision Pro News


Phew, that was a lot of Apple Vision Pro stuff to cover. Now onto other news from this week.

  • Apple is reportedly testing a foldable iPhone, along with a folding 8-inch iPad

    • Not sure about you, but I do not want a folding iPhone and I never will. You can quote me on that.

  • iOS 17.3.1 was released, alongside updates to iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS

    • All of these updates patched one single annoying bug that I've personally been facing for months.

    • Here’s everything new in the update.

  • iOS 17.4 Beta 2 was also released for both Developers and Public Beta testers

  • Apple distributed a fake LastPass app in the App Store

    • This is not a good look when they are already under fire for the whole sideloading in the EU debacle.

  • The iPhone 16 cameras will allegedly be vertically aligned

    • Leaker Majin Bu shared schematics of the upcoming iPhone 16 and it looks like we might go back to vertically stacking cameras.

    • Notably, he also mentions that the 16 Pro and Pro Max might not be getting larger screens, unlike what we heard rumored last year.

😎 Favorites of the Week

  1. Genius Apple Vision Pro band
    I think the headset is comfortable with the dual-loop band, but this might be peak comfort.

  1. Turns out the Apple Watch Ultra is not indestructible
    That doorknob had to be made of steel.

  1. 1st Gen Apple Products
    One of these looks a lot more sophisticated than the others.

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