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Starting with iOS 17.

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Good morning! ☀️ *Tim Cook voice*

We have a quick issue this week! Talking iOS 17, macOS Sonoma, iPhone 15, and more.

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📊 Poll

Last week, I asked: How much do you zoom on iPhone?

Here were some of my favorite replies:

Never - “I only ever use the optical ranges, digital zoom is just the same as cropping in post.” Same

Yes - “Only when there is no other way of getting closer to the subject. Rule of thumb is always to come closer to your subject when needed. Also I can always tell immediately when people used digital zoom because it’s never as crisp as could be. I am very curious about the periscope zoom though!” Exactly. And same here, will be testing it a lot.

Always - “Zooming to x2 often gives a more realistic view. Okay not what the eye sees but something similar. My best photos have been taken at this zoom level.” Optical zoom is where it’s at. Digital, not so much

This week: Did you pre-order the iPhone 15/15 Pro? If so, which one? If not, why?

Did you pre-order iPhone 15?

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💭 Software Overload, and Then..

This week will be quick because I’m busy behind-the-scenes getting everything prepared for the coming weeks. Here’s what to know:

  • iOS 17 RC was released this week and it includes several new wallpapers, a new Home feature, new Portrait features, and more

  • iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, tvOS 17, etc release on Monday

    • My iOS 17 “what’s new” video is over 2 hours long. You’ve been warned 😅

    • macOS Sonoma releases the following week, on the 26th

  • iPhone 15 pre-orders went live this morning at 8am EST and I will have a video coming to the channel to explain what I ordered & why

    • iPhone 15 launch is next Friday, no delay for the Pro models is expected

    • Here are the best carrier deals for the iPhone 15

  • If you’re wondering if you should upgrade to the iPhone 15 or 15 Pro, I made a video detailing the differences between the two and if you should upgrade from an iPhone 12/13/14

  • I’ve run multiple polls and talked with many people, and it seems that Natural Titanium will be the most popular 15 Pro color. As for the 15, many are showing interest in Pink & Green - the more “fun” colors

  • The next few issues will be short & sweet, as the YouTube channel is my main focus and these are my busiest weeks of the year. Hope you understand!

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Until next week, ✌️

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