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iPhone 15 is coming.

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Good morning! ☀️ *Tim Cook voice*

Apple’s iPhone 15 event is hours away, a brutal iOS exploit, iOS 18 rumors, and more.

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📊 Poll

Last week, I asked: Will iPhone 15 Pro cost more than 14 Pro?

Wow, that’s a lot more lopsided than expected

Here were some of my favorite replies:

Yes - “The price has not increased over the last couple of years, and yet production costs have increased, it's inevitable This is something I think a lot of people overlooked last year.

Yes - “Apple has to charge for the R&D that goes into these amazing phones, but they should charge the same price around the world, not inflate prices such as in the UK where we are charged the same numbers in £’s and USA pay in $’s despite the £ being worth more.” I agree, I’m always shocked when I see prices outside of the US

No - “Gets rumored every year, don't believe it this year at least in the US” True, we shall see.

This week: How often do you “zoom in” when taking photos/videos? More on this in the next segment..

How much do you zoom on iPhone?

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💭 Prepare For “Wonderlust”

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 15 lineup, the new Apple Watches, a new USB-C case for the AirPods and more… in just a few days! And we have further details, specifically about the new camera system.

iPhone 15 & 15 Plus

  • Main camera: 48-megapixel image sensor, ƒ/1.6 aperture

  • Ultra Wide Camera: 12-megapixel image sensor, ƒ/2.4 aperture

iPhone 15 Pro

  • Main Camera: 48 megapixels, Sony IMX-803 image sensor, ƒ/1.78 aperture

  • Telephoto Camera: 12.7 megapixels, ƒ/2.8 aperture

  • Ultra Wide Camera: 13.4 megapixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture

iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • Main Camera: 48 megapixels, Sony IMX-803 image sensor, ƒ/1.78 aperture

  • Telephoto Camera: 12.7 megapixels, ƒ/2.8 aperture, periscope lens

  • Ultra Wide Camera: 13.4 megapixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture

The ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max will have “an entirely new periscope lens system for the Telephoto camera. With periscope zoom technology, we can expect significant improvements to the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max's zoom capabilities. The ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max, for example, is limited to 3x zoom, but the ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max is expected to have between 5x and 10x zoom.


This week, we got a much better look at the colors for the iPhone 15 lineup, courtesy of dummy units being distributed. Here’s a video showcasing the potential new colors for the 15 and 15 Pro.

As for the Apple event on Tuesday, I will be live streaming and reacting to the event starting at 11am EST over on YouTube. Tune in, it’s always a blast!

🎨 New Wallpaper Alert!

Over the past month, I’ve had so many comments on my videos asking “wallpaper?” and now those wallpapers are finally available!

This week, I launched my 4th iPhone wallpaper collection: MAGMA.

Since you guys are reading this from the newsletter, use code “newsletter" for 50% off!

Red or Blue, which is your fav?

If you aren’t a fan of this look, check out my others here! And as always, I appreciate the support.

📲 Major iOS Exploit, iOS 18 & More

This week, we saw a surprising software release from Apple in the form of iOS 16.6.1, and accompanying macOS Ventura and watchOS 9 updates.

The reason? To patch some nasty zero-click exploits. I made a video about it here.

Warning to all on iOS 16

And for those on iOS 17 Beta, I would imagine you are vulnerable to this nasty bug as well - given the fact that Apple rushed to push out this update on Thursday.

I’d imagine that the RC build (or Beta 9) next week will patch this exploit chain.

iOS 18 = Siri 2.0?

The Information put out an interesting report this week about Apple’s plans for iOS 18 next year.

  • Apple plans to use language models to make Siri smarter and help users automate complex, multi-step tasks with voice-based commands

  • For example: ‌Siri‌ might be able to do something like take a series of 5 photos, turn them into a GIF, and send that GIF to a friend, all in one single action

  • Apple is currently spending millions of dollars per day on improving their conversational AI

So basically, as early as next year, we could see Siri ‌performing tasks that were only previously possible via the Shortcuts app and manually setting up those shortcuts.

I like where this is headed.

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