Chaos After The Storm

iPhone 15 drama & beyond.

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Good morning! ☀️ *Tim Cook voice*

Last week was hectic, but we’re back in business. I hope you caught all of my videos! We’re talking iPhone 15 drama, iOS 17.1, and more.

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📊 Poll

In the last poll, I asked: Did you pre-order the iPhone 15/15 Pro?

Here were some of my favorite replies:

No - “I'm waiting for a more drastic change from my 14 Pro Max because the new features added to the 15 Pro I wouldn't ever really use. I also wouldn't be able to connect the USB-C to my car because my car only has regular usb ports.”

Yes - “Ordered an iPhone 15 pro max. I see not a lot of people talk about the 3nm A17 Pro chip, wonder why. Also the first time they used the Pro moniker for an iPhone SoC, next year’s iPhone is getting A17, not this one exactly. Also the 5x makes it a better purchase than the standard Pro and worth couple extra hundred bucks. For me, it’s a one time investment and don’t plan to upgrade for next 3-4 years, so shelling out a little extra is okay.”

This week: Did you update to iOS 17? If so, how is it running so far?

Did you update to iOS 17?

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🔥 iPhone 15 Drama

I don’t think there was a single corner on the internet this week where you didn’t hear about the iPhone 15’s “heat gate” aka the overheating “issue” with 15 & 15 Pro’s.

As someone with 4 iPhone 15 Pro’s and all of the iPhone 15’s, I have tried to get my phones to heat up more than normal and I could not. I might even run a thermal test just to show the results.

So, is this just another typical iPhone “problem” that is essentially just made up from thin air?

Every single year, within the first 2 weeks of a new iPhone dropping, there is some type of issue with it. Every year like clockwork. And then after those 2 weeks pass, there’s never another word about it.

..Not So Fast

And while all of the above is my opinion and my personal experience, I cannot speak for everyone. And there have been several trusted publications/people reporting on this issue.

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that a customer’s iPhone 15 Pro Max was hotter than his previous 13 Pro Max, after a days of usage.

  • Bloomberg reported similar stories/experiences

  • Ming-Chi Kuo said the titanium frame on iPhone 15 Pro models negatively impacts thermal efficiency & that Apple could address the issue via software updates. However, he also said improvements may be limited unless Apple lowers the performance of the A17 Pro chip

Dxomark test

Dxomark also did a temperature test for the iPhone 15 Pro Max compared to other models and take a look at that - the iPhone 15 had a higher peak temperature than the Pro Max!

So, where do we go from here?

I would assume Apple will attempt to address/fix this with a software update, but who knows when that will be. It could be iOS 17.1 in October, or it could be a much longer “fix” that takes multiple updates to get right.

But as Kuo said, the issue likely lies within the iPhone and that A17 Pro chip that is too powerful for its own good.

If you have an iPhone 15 or 15 Pro, have you experience any abnormal heat?

Does your iPhone 15 heat up more than normal?

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⚙️ Software Season is Back

This was an iPhone 15 Pro exclusive for 1 total week

Now that iOS 17 has been released, we’re back to getting fun Beta updates for the next few months! And those started this week..

  • iOS 17.1 Beta 1 was released this week with several new changes. Here’s my video on the new features

  • Starting with 17.1, the Apple Wallet app can show your current bank account balance! This is limited to UK banks for now

  • watchOS 10 brings automatic Night Mode to the Apple Watch Ultra. Here are more details

  • watchOS 10.1 Beta 1 added the new Double Tap gesture in the code for Apple Watch Series 9 & Ultra 2, but it’s not active yet

  • Apple also published the security content for iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, and there are 50+ bugs that have been patched

🤳 Memberships!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I finally launched to sell my wallpaper collections without Gumroad taking a big cut of the revenue.

Well, in addition to selling the wallpapers, I also launched memberships on the website!

I won’t write much about this since the perks are listed in the image above, but if you want to support me financially and help keep the quality of content high, this is now the best way! I appreciate the support!

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