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Here’s the latest with Apple.

  • Apple announces new iOS 18 features

  • iOS 17.5 has a disturbing bug.

  • New iPad Air & iPad Pro launch

  • New ChatGPT Mac app

  • & more!

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📊 Poll

Last week, I asked: Do you prefer the 11” or 12.9/13” size for an iPad? Why?

Here are some of my favorite replies:

11” - “For me, the 11" iPad is the perfect size. It's not too bulky and big, yet it's still the perfect size for consuming your content, reading books, and being a laptop replacement. Granted, the 13" is a little bit better at being a laptop replacement, but it's still so big and hard to carry around in a smallish backpack, which is one of the main reasons people buy iPads instead of MacBooks; the portability.”

13” - “I like accessing all media on a bigger screen. Also, with the addition of the Magic Keyboard, my iPad acts like a Mac laptop. As I am retired, it satisfies all my requirements for day to day requirements.”

This week: Many complain that iPadOS is holding the iPad back, so do you think iPads should be able to run macOS? Why or why not?

Should Apple put macOS on the iPad?

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🗞️ The Latest

🦾 iOS 18 Features Unveiled

Vehicle Motion Cues in iOS 18

Apple has unveiled several upcoming accessibility features that will be included with iOS and iPadOS 18. And some of these sound incredible!

  • Vehicle Motion Cues is a feature aimed at reducing motion sickness for passengers in moving vehicles by reducing sensory conflict without interfering with the main content.

    • Using sensors built into the iPhone, this feature recognizes when you’re in a moving vehicle and responds accordingly.

  • Eye Tracking uses AI to allow you to navigate throughout iOS/iPadOS with just your eyes.

    • Eye Tracking uses on-device machine learning and the front-facing camera to set up & calibrate your eyes in seconds.

  • Music Haptics uses the Taptic Engine to send haptics that go to the beat of the music. It will play taps, textures, and refined vibrations to the audio of the music.

  • Vocal Shortcuts will allow you to assign custom phrases that Siri will understand to launch shortcuts and complete complex tasks.

  • There are several other changes outlined and I made a video to discuss all of them.

Keep in mind, that Apple typically shares new accessibility features in May. The big iOS 18 features will be revealed at WWDC on June 10th.

Concerning Bug in iOS 17.5

On Monday, Apple launched iOS and iPadOS 17.5, along with updates to all of their other operating systems.

  • The update is minor since it’s a .5 update but it includes new Pride wallpapers, Apple News+ enhancements, 3rd party tracking alerts, and more. Here’s my video outlining all of the new changes.

  • However, since the update, there have been reports of a concerning bug that revives old, previously deleted photos.

  • This bug has received a good amount of press, so don’t be surprised if Apple aims to comment on/address this soon.

💻 New iPads = Surprisingly Good


On Wednesday, Apple launched the M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air - the first refresh to either since 2022.

  • I made this video showing off the M4 iPad Pro & this video for the iPad Air.

  • In short, I haven’t touched my iPad Air since unboxing it because the iPad Pro is so, so good.

  • The 11” iPad Pro is crazy light. Lighter than the iPad Air, which makes zero sense given the naming scheme.

  • M4 is overpowered and I have yet to find a scenario where it outperforms my M1.

  • The Tandem OLED display is amazing. It’s noticeably better than previous iPad Pro screens, especially with blacks. It also gets much brighter when outside (1600 nits).

  • The nano-texture display on the iPad Pro not only reduces glare but also fingerprints! The screen is also a lot easier to clean, thanks to the included polishing cloth. I shared my first impressions in this 1-minute clip.

  • The new iPad Air is cool, but the Pro is worth the extra money if you’re on the fence, especially if you’d also be buying a Magic Keyboard with the purchase.

⚙️ Official ChatGPT Mac App + GPT-4o

This week, OpenAI launched a new advanced multimodal model called GPT-4o. Along with the new model, they announced an official ChatGPT app for Mac with some killer features!

  • GPT-4o integrates text, vision and audio processing and is much faster than GPT-4.

  • This video shows how insane this new Voice model is with its real-time responses, the ability to detect and respond with emotion, and how it can combine voice with both text & vision.

  • OpenAI also launched a new ChatGPT app for macOS with a refreshed UI, the ability to see & respond to what’s on your screen, and a simple keyboard shortcut (Option + Space) to instantly ask ChatGPT a question.

  • This video shows the Mac app in action and how ChatGPT can see what's on your screen. You can then ask it, by voice, to explain/summarize what it sees. The outcome is amazing!

  • GPT-4o is free to everybody and the new Voice features will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

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