The Issues Continue

Is iOS 17 less stable than we thought?

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Good morning! ☀️ *Tim Cook voice*

Short one this week! Today, we’re discussing the latest iPhone issue, what was included in iOS 17.1, and more!

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📊 Poll

In the last poll, I asked: Do you use a MacBook or desktop Mac?

Here were some of my favorite replies:

Both - “I use my 16 inch M2 MacBook Pro more often since I take it into the office for work during the week. My M1 iMac gets used occasionally in the evenings and weekends.”

MacBook - “This is actually my first MacBook! I have been on Windows since 3.1 so this was a bit of a challenge to learn. It's awesome though. I love how it works with all of my other Apple devices. I switched last year from Android and everything works so well together!”

Desktop - “Can’t beat that 27” screen for productivity, and a standing desk + iMac is way more ergonomic than I’ve ever been able to achieve with a laptop. Is it just me?”

This week: Do you charge your phone wired or wirelessly overnight?

Do you charge wired or wireless overnight?

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🫣 The iOS 17 “Issues” Continue

Just a week after receiving iOS 17.0.3 to fix the overheating issue, there seems to be another issue that is making headlines:

Your iPhone randomly turning off, sometimes for hours, and then restarting itself.

And the “issue” I have with this, is the amount of misinformation being put out there. Let me explain..

Visualization of this issue occurring

If you look at this reddit post, MacRumors Forums, or Apple Support forums, you will find dozens of threads about this “restarting issue” happening on iOS 17.0.3. However, it’s good to keep in mind that there has yet to be video proof of an iPhone randomly restarting overnight, only chart data.

What’s Actually Happening?

If you go to Settings > Battery and look at the battery chart, some are seeing a gap during times that they are asleep, indicating that the device might’ve restarted itself.

And while many believe their phones are OFF for several hours based on the chart data, this is highly unlikely.

The phones are simply restarting overnight, and since the phone takes a while to re-register the battery usage, and also requires authentication in most cases, you might see a gap in the battery chart until you unlock your device.

Is everyone wrong?

Let’s play the other side here, because there is also a world where this is not a “bug” at all, and is instead a feature.

What feature you might ask? Well, there are three: Optimized Battery Charging, Clean Energy Charging, and Heat.

All 3 of these instances will pause charging overnight, but will not restart the phone. And they will all leave a “charging paused” icon on the graph.

Again to remind you, nobody has proof of an iPhone rebooting or restarting overnight - only battery graph data.

But that can’t be..

Now the pushback for many, and what made them believe their device did in fact reboot, is that their alarms never went off the following morning.

But as a few posters on Reddit confirmed, their alarms stopped going off before this “issue” appeared. They also reported that they did not have to re-enter their passcode (instead of Face ID). So this is likely not correlated.

What’s the Solution?

Well, if phones are restarting overnight, they are likely not remaining in an “off” state for hours like some are claiming. So for that reason, this is not a critical bug that Apple will feel the need to patch ASAP.

With iOS 17.1 coming before the end of the month, I’d imagine Apple will be looking into this given the major press coverage and we might see some sort of explanation/fix with the update.

But don’t expect a 17.0.4 update just for this.

Look at your battery chart. Are you facing this “restarting overnight” issue? Vote below!

Are you facing this issue?

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💻 Everything Else

There were a lot of miscellaneous stories this week, so let’s quickly run through them (more in the ‘quick news bites’ below)

  • iOS 17.1 Beta 3 addressed the radiation levels for the iPhone 12 that led to its ban in France last month.

    • This is nothing to worry about, as the increase occurred when away from the phone. More details here.

    • Expect Beta 4 or RC next week, with the final version coming later this month

  • Apple Vision Pro will have 100Hz refresh rate to combat flickering lights

  • Gurman reported that the Apple Vision Pro is heavy, about 1lb. Future models will be lighter

  • The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have '5G Advanced' mode thanks to Qualcomm's Snapdragon X75 modem

  • Apple is planning to bring OLED displays to the iPad mini and iPad Air, but won’t be released any time soon (likely 2025-2026)

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