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Good morning! ☀️ *Tim Cook voice*

iPhone 15 leaks heat up, Apple Vision Pro gets meme’d, iPhones are saving lives, and more!

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📊 Poll

Last week, I asked: Do you charge your iPhone overnight?

Surprised “yes” wasn’t higher, tbh

Here were some of my favorite replies:

Yes - “I wait till it’s about 5% then charge it that night” That’s actually hurting your battery! Charge throughout the day, try to never get under 20%

Yes - “It’s the most convenient time for me. I think along with the optimised battery charging feature, it’s makes it more worry-free to charge overnight.” Agreed, it has just become habit for me

No - “Because of fire risks, not from the phone, but from the block in the wall” If you use an Apple block, no need to worry about fires

No - “I read that its best to keep the battery between 20% and 80%, so I charge during my “awake” hours” That is true and not a bad idea!

This week: Do you enjoy reading about leaks for upcoming products? Or does it ruin the surprise for you?

Do you enjoy seeing leaks of upcoming products?

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👀 iPhone 15 & M3 Macs Leak

We are just a month away from Apple unveiling the iPhone 15, and the leaks are starting to pick up steam!

I made a video on the iPhone 15 & a video on the iPhone 15 Pro leaks.

Anyways, here’s the latest:

  • iPhone 15 Pro is said to have 6GB of RAM, not 8GB

    • I think this could just be for the base storage model, and the higher storage options could come with 8GB

  • The Fall Apple event is rumored to be on Tuesday, September 12th. Meaning iPhone 15’s should launch on Sep 22nd

Replica iPhone 15 cases via Majin Bu

  • USB-C components leaked, as shown on Twitter

  • Replica iPhone 15 Pro silicone cases leaked, and they show the Action button cutout

And for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, there’s a rumor that there will be a new magnetic watch band introduced as well.

The new band could feature woven fabric materials and a magnetic buckle, similar to the Modern Buckle strap that released alongside the OG Apple Watch

M3 Macs

Later this year, we will also see the first M3 Macs launch. But the new info here is what to expect next year with the insane M3 Max chip. Here’s the latest (via leaked test logs):

  • 40-core GPU (vs 38-core on M2 Max)

  • 16-core CPU, with 12 high-performance cores & 4 efficiency cores (vs 12-core CPU on M2 Max)

  • The test machine also had 48GB RAM, though there will be higher upgrade options available

  • Built on the new 3-nanometer process, which will lead to better performance/efficiency, even without the added cores

M3 & M3 Pro
  • The base M3 Macs will have an 8-core CPU and up to 10-core GPU (same as M2)

  • But the M3‌ Pro Macs will have a 12-core CPU & 18-core GPU

Meanwhile, the highest end chip - the successor to the M2 Ultra - hasn’t shown up in test logs yet.

If you still have an M1 machine, this will likely be the year you consider upgrading. M2 was cool, but I personally kept all of my M1 machines and returned the M2’s due to the negligible differences.

😳 iPhone 14 Saves a Family

When Emergency SOS via Satellite was announced by Apple last year, nearly everyone thought it was a gimmicky feature.

But if you’ve been watching my Apple Weekly series on YouTube, you have seen stories of hundreds of people being saved by this feature. And it just happened again.

Just reading this conversation is terrifying, and I can’t imagine what the people of Maui have been going through over these past few days.

How Emergency SOS Works

If you have an iPhone 14 (or plan to get the iPhone 15 next month), it is important to understand how this life-saving feature works.

  • You do not need to enable anything, it is active by default

  • When calling emergency services (911 here in the US) without cell service, you will see a button appear that says “SOS”

  • After tapping it, it will start searching for satellites and connect you to emergency services via text message. It will also send them the coordinates of your exact location

  • When you use Emergency SOS via satellite, you can share your Medical ID and notify your emergency contacts. You need to have this information set up prior to an emergency

  • This feature is free for the first 2 years. Apple hasn’t clarified what it will cost after the two years are up, but given the great publicity, I would not be surprised to see them eat the cost and keep it free. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it cost $6/month

I don’t know about you guys but this feature alone would make me consider upgrading to an iPhone 14 or newer. Especially if you like hiking in the mountains or going out to national parks where cell signal can be weak.

📲 iOS 17, ‘Vision Pro’ Easter Egg & More

Satisfying, huh?

On Tuesday, we saw iOS 17 Beta 5/Public Beta 3 get released. And for a fifth Beta, there were quite a few new changes - like the one above.

  • Starting next week, we should see weekly releases for the iOS 17 Betas for a few weeks

  • Apple usually goes 2 weeks between the final Beta and the RC version

Vision Pro’s “Magical” Easter Egg

  • In the code of the latest tvOS Beta, there are references to a Magic Battery

  • This is likely the name of the Vision Pro headset's external battery pack. Ya know, the one that gets 2 hours of battery life. Magical!

Many more memes to come, I’m sure

iPhone 15 Identifiers Removed

  • Somehow, nobody noticed that the iPhone 15 identifiers were in the code of tvOS 17 all along - and now they’re gone.

  • The sequence of these identifiers basically confirm A17 for the 15 Pro models

Disney+ & Hulu Price Increases

  • Starting in October, the ad-free Disney+ plan will be $13.99/mo

  • The ad-free Hulu plan will be $17.99/mo

  • Thanks to Netflix, Disney will also be cracking down on password sharing in 2024

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